Classes & Curriculum

The curriculum at The Seabrook Adventist Early Learning Center is designed to be developmentally appropriate for each group of children, with particular emphasis on meeting the individual needs and interests of each child. We strive to create an atmosphere where learning experiences will occur and where children take an active part in the learning process. Our classrooms are arranged to maximize children’s play, thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Our curriculum includes a literacy circle, music, art, puzzles and games, small and large muscle activities, field trips and shows, cooking, science and nature.  To give the children the foundation they need to be successful in elementary school, our curriculum includes kindergarten readiness skills.

Pre-academics will include exposure to colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and basic phonemic awareness skills.  It is our goal that our students will be ready for kindergarten from the foundation of learning they receive at SAELC.  Our program is play based and presents cognitive learning with developmentally appropriate materials and strategies in classrooms that meet children’s interests and needs.  It is our desire to provide a warm, loving Christian environment where each child feels secure and happy and where learning is meaningful and fun.

The goals of our school:
• To help each child make a successful transition from home to school.
• To provide for all areas of the child’s development: physical, cognitive, social, linguistic, emotional and spiritual through an integrated approach to learning that is concrete and relevant to each child.
• To provide for both age appropriate and individually appropriate activities based upon teacher observation of each child’s special interests and developmental progress.
• To provide an atmosphere that is warm, loving and accepting.
• To prepare the environment for each child to learn through play, active exploration and interactions with adults, other children and materials. Activities are built upon what the child already knows and to encourage emerging skills.
To stimulate natural curiosity and encourage creative thinking.

Please click on the images below to see more information on our classes!

2 Year old Class



Class Color:  Yellow
Class Name: Sunflowers
Learning Goals/Objectives: 
Help children show love and respect
Recognize letters of the alphabet (A-Z)
Recognize numbers (1-10)
Recognize colors and shapes



3 Year old Class

Class Color:  Yellow
Class Name: Buzy Bees
Learning Goals/Objectives:
Love for God
Love for each other, family, teachers, and themselves
How to treat each other with kindness and respect
To develop skills in Vocabulary/Language, Phonics, Social Studies,  Arts Expression (music, craft), Understanding Numbers, Science.


4 Year Old Class

Class Color:  Purple
Class Name: Shining Sunbeams
Learning Goals/Objectives:  Our goal is to ensure that children of this age learn through exploration, play and social activities.  Spiritual activities allow the children to be nurtured through God’s love and grace.  In the 4 y old class, students develop skills in the following areas
Social and emotional
Science and Technology
Social Studies
The Arts


Kindergarten Class


5 Year Olds
Class Color:  Blue
Class Name: Rainbows
Learning Goals/Objectives:
Learn more about God and the Bible
Learn morals and values
Prepare for 1st Grade
Learn to read, write, and spell
Lean math skills such as addition, subtraction, counting money, telling time, word problems, patterns, shapes, measuring skills, graphs, etc
Learn lessons in various other subjects such as science, history, health, social studies, etc.


Before & After Care 

Please see our Before & After Care page for more information on this program.