Transitional Kindergarten

4/5 Year Olds
Teachers:  Ms. Jenelle Joseph
Class Color:  Blue
Class Name: Rainbows
Learning Goals/Objectives: 
Learn more about God and the Bible
Learn morals and values
Prepare for 1st Grade
Learn to read, write, and spell

Lean math skills such as addition, subtraction, counting money, telling time, word problems, patterns, shapes, measuring skills, graphs, etc
Learn lessons in various other subjects such as science, history, health, social studies, etc.

Teachers’ Statement:  “I want for my students to have a close relationship and walk with God and to be true Christians where God is real in their lives.  I hope that they develop a strong conscience and moral awareness, to have strong values, and to be able to distinguish truth from falsehood.  I also desire for them to understand and appreciate truth, freedom, and the privilege of being an American (a good citizen).  I certainly want for them to learn as much as they can and achieve their dreams”