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Frequently asked questions

What are opening and closing times?

 SAELC opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:00pm.  


What do I do if I am running late to pick up my child/children?

 If you are running late to pick up your child/children, call the Center so that we can know you or someone is on their way.  There is a late fee of $1 per minute charged after 6:00pm.

In an emergency, how can I get information about the SAELC status?

In an emergency, check the SAELC website for the latest updates; look for email updates as well.  You can also call or text us at our mobile/emergency line (202) 557-4295.  SAELC follows PG County public school delays and closures in an emergency.  We recommend that each parent/guardian prepare a small backpack-sized emergency kit for their child/children in the event of a sudden natural disaster or terrorist event.  This emergency kit is kept at the SAELC and should include simple non-perishable food items, a change of clothing, a blanket, important medical/health information, and a family photo and a love letter from mom/dad.


Who do I talk to if I have a recommendation or suggestion?

By all means, please voice your concerns to the director.  You can also mail us, or simply send a note through the “contact us” page.  We are very eager to hear your concerns, and will attempt to address each concern promptly.

I'd like to get more involved and help out with building and growing SAELC. How can I help?

SAELC is always eager to accept offers of support.  Gently used and cleaned toys, puzzles, books, and appropriate CDs and DVDs are welcome.  If you have a talent with art and craft, a language, teaching music, planning field trips, or decorating let us know.  Monetary and other gift donations are also accepted.

How safe is Google Checkout?

PCI Compliance
Google Checkout is certified as Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. This essentially means that the service has a very secure network for credit card transactions. This level of PCI certification also requires that the service protect cardholder data and have control measures in place. Google Checkout is also subject to an annual on-site security review and audit to confirm its compliance.

Seller Safety
Google Checkout takes several steps to ensure that sellers and merchants who use the program are safe and legitimate. First, Google Checkout requires that all merchants have a Merchant ID, which is used to secure all communications between Google and the seller. Google also uses API authentication and digital signatures when setting up shopping carts and conducting online transactions. This not only bolsters safety, it also helps automate the process for sellers.

Buyer Safety
To protect buyers, Google Checkout does not allow merchants to see a customer's credit card number. Rather, the customer provides credit card information to Google Checkout when creating a new account, and the service routes payments directly to the merchant's designated account.

Fraud Protection
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Chargeback Protection
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How do I use make payments for my child’s Tuition?

The first thing you must do is click on the Payments tab.  Next, select either the member or nonmember Tuition Rates.  After scrolling down, please select the proper age and category for your payment.  Be sure to note the difference between the weekly and the monthly payment.  After selecting your category, click add to cart.  Finally, log in (you must sign up if you don’t have a login id) and make the secured credit card payment on the secured Google Checkout Page.

How do I delete something out of my cart?

Simply click "remove" under the dollar amount that you want to delete.

How do I undo a delete in my cart?

Simply click "undo" under the dollar amount.

How do I refresh my cart?

Simply click "view cart" once.  This will make your cart disappear.  Then click "view cart" again.  This will make your cart reappear refreshed.

What happens if my tuition payment is late?

Tuition is charged weekly.  If you choose to pay tuition every 2 weeks or on monthly basis, be sure to make prior arrangements with the Director.  A student account that is 4 weeks past due will result in suspension from the SAELC until the account is brought current.

My child/children was/were on vacation or was/were out sick. Do I still owe tuition for the days they were absent?

 During the school year (September thru June), tuition is charged each week (except if you do not attend the holiday week of December 24 – January 1).  A reduced weekly tuition fee of $50 is charged to hold your spot in the class during the week(s) your child/children is/are on vacation or out sick for more than 2 days.  If your child/children is/are out sick, simply bring a doctor’s note when returning to school.  You may opt to use the value of your 1-week free tuition gift if you will be absent for more than 2 days.  Check with the SAELC Director to see if you qualify for a ‘free week’.  In the summer vacation months of July and August, tuition is charged only for the weeks you attend the SAELC.

When will the school have its next PTA Meeting?

We apologize for the long delay.  The next PTA meeting is being scheduled.  Please keep looking on our calendar for the date and time.

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